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What are you really here to create inside your business and beyond? 

For entrepreneurial pioneers, ambitious humanitarians and independent business owners, Trish Murray provides directional insights that get you aligned with your unique Soul Style!

“…the Universe buries strange jewels within each of us and then stands back to see if we will find them”

Elizabeth Gilbert
Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

Her role is to fast-track finding the hidden truths and ‘strange jewels’ woven into your numerology, astrology, human design and akashic records to sharpen and refine the five foundational elements that redefine the soul of your business in this ‘new age’ of Aquarius.


The Foundational FIVE. Soul of Business in the Age of Aquarius, Trish Murray. Vision. Value. Voice. Village. Vital Energy. www.soulstyle.me
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The Soul of Business 

Consider the pure possibility that a ‘business of tomorrow‘ thrives because its coded to your unique Soul Style and channeled through your Vision, Value, Voice and Village!

Discover Your Unique Soul Style 

What if, discovering the ‘strange jewels’ woven into your birth data is what allows you to play the game as an infinite player, with more meaning, purpose and alignment, inside your business and beyond?


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Reconsider the pure possibility that planning with purpose starts with your Soul-Style Energy Year! Download it now • https://pages.soulstyle.me/2023-guide

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about one soul’s journey to manifest more than a life of work. Trish Murray joined the Dixie Chicks on the LONG way around searching for meaning, purpose and alignment between her soul and business!




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