to a new age

To say that we are in the midst of a global recalibration is putting it lightly.

My role in this transformation?


Integrate your Soul Style with your business and beyond!


Connect with unique solutions that integrate your Soul-Style into your business, your brand and beyond.




Fast-track finding individual elements of your unique Soul Style…

…by the numbers
…by the stars
…by design!



As we enter more fully into the Age of Aquarius, our modern world is going to evolve faster than our intellect can keep up with.

We will need to harness ancient knowledge and our own deep wisdom to create and experience more, inside our business & beyond!


Start here…

Trish Murray Podcast. Shine a Light on the Age of Aquarius
Realign with your Soul-Style Energy Year with this Fast-Track Guide: The Field, The Numbers and the Energy!
This four-part time bender series offers with four pieces from the ancient practice of Numerology to uncover simple insights and rediscover your unique Soul Style!

Here’s a little ditty

about one soul’s journey to manifest more than a life of work. She joined the Dixie Chicks on the LONG way around and fought the Universe tooth and nail, in order to fast-track finding YOUR way into the Age of Aquarius!




Fast-Track, Finding Out!

The fastest track I can create for you to find out more is a short, sweet 1:1 conversation...

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