to a new age

What would our world look like if Soul & Business were integrated the way it was always meant to be?

Conscious entrepreneurs and owners (C.E.O.s) know! 

Aligning with your unique Soul Style™ refocuses your time, energy, money and resources, frames directional insights to shape soul-aligned strategies that shift the relationship between you and your business and everything beyond!

Soul & Business 


Realign Soul & Business with solutions that start from your unique Soul Style!



A Soul-Aligned Life 360º 


Reshape your relationship with life with your unique Soul Style.




What if, all we have experienced as a global community since the start of the new millennium reflects the emergence of a ‘new age’?

A series of shifts, moving our world into the Age of Aquarius, where Soul & Business will reunite?  


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Rediscover your Soul-Style and integrate it into your business & beyond, one-to-one discovery packages with Trish Murray. Find soul-aligned solutions inside your Numerology, Astrology and/or Human Design. Expand your creative capacity with your Akashic Records.

Here’s a little ditty

about one soul’s journey to manifest more than a life of work. Trish Murray joined the Dixie Chicks on the LONG way around searching for meaning, purpose and alignment between her soul and business!




Reconnect Soul & Business!

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