trish murray

…a little ditty about Trish

the Age of Aquarius and how directional insights from your birth data amplify your business (& beyond)!

After a 10-year journey exploring multiple aspects of Soul & Business, Trish can state with a absolute confidence that achieving more of our CEO Soul Vision…

…is not about changing the ‘big things’, it’s about aligning with the subtle and soulful insights infused into our birth data.

Reconnect with Soul & Business to thrive in this ‘new age’ of Aquarius!

Trish integrates degree studies in Psychology, Marketing & Business and specialized training in Yoga Philosophy, Universal Law, Astrology and Human Design to strategically support conscious CEOs & Entrepreneurs step into a more soulful approach to doing, and being in business.

“In the Age of Aquarius…

our Soul Style will lead strategy in order to refocus on creating positive change in our world!”

“My journey led me down a million rabbit holes to find the tools, truths and strategies that recapture the Soul of our Business!”



Lead from your soul style!