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…a little ditty about Trish,

the Age of Aquarius and how your Soul Style accelerates your CEO vision inside your business & beyond!

After 25 years in Business & Marketing, Trish Murray found herself on a 10-year long ‘Eat Pray Love’ journey exploring and integrating a myriad of resources and practices to recalibrate her relationship with Soul & Business and a life 360º.

Trish’s reconnects CEOs, business owners and soul-seekers with individual, inspired insights encoded in their birth data to frame their unique Soul Style™ and realign their CEO Vision / Soul Purpose inside their business and beyond! 

Trish combines degree studies in Psychology Marketing & Business from Athabasca University with unique integrations from Yoga philosophy, Universal Law, Astrology and Human Design.

She studies with a diverse array of soul-aligned thought leaders including Karen Curry Parker, JoAnn Stoneberg and Felicia Searcy, is a certified Soul Care Coach with Rose Hope International and shares regular Soul & Business insights with a selection of future-focused business communities, including the RESET Collective.


Integration, growth and clarity to evolve my brand projects were my goals. Trish’s creative, pragmatic approach exceeded expectations plus solidified the next best version of my brand. It’s re-energized my purpose and the insights from my Human Design reinforced where my energy is best spent.

This is more than cornerstone marketing messages, it is a business playbook from the Soul of my business. I’m going to repeat this process annually

I just read your Fast-Track Guide (2023 Soul Style Energy Insights) and LOVED it!!! I also love that you’re sharing astrology and the akashic records with people. Amazing!

I feel so supported and so, so grateful! Your process is clear and organized, I’m feeling the momentum building and see how each piece is fitting together each week. I am awed to see my Soul-Style through the lens of core archetypes, they’ve definitely been present throughout my whole career, and gives me such confidence to lean into my Explorer/Adventurer as I evolve my work.

Jo-Anne W

I was so frustrated with the ‘more must be better’ rhetoric in business. Trish is a breath of fresh air! She provides clear counsel based on a diverse background in Marketing and Business, in large organizations and as a solopreneur. Her intuitive insights sparked my creativity to consider how I can connect with my customers in SIMPLE human ways.

Josie B.

The insights I get from Trish in our weekly connections keep me and my team focused on the core pieces that are producing more of my vision as a CEO.

Liz S.

Trish has worked with our founding partners and their Soul-Styles to reflect more meaning into our marketing and more purpose into our business plan! Her creative counsel helped us build a simple quarterly Game Plan and I don’t know how else to say it, but it all feels 100% aligned with who we are.”

Sheryl A.

I knew I was spinning my wheels and Trish helped me refocus, get clear and feel more organized about how each piece fits together!

Andrea A.

We’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars (maybe more) on marketing consulting & services. My business partner and I were incredibly jaded when we met Trish, and skeptical to say the least about the whole ‘soul-style’ stuff. But Trish has this amazing a way of cutting through the bullshit and focusing on the pieces that really mattered to us and our business goals. We love how she sees the world and value her common sense style!

Chris T.

“In the Age of Aquarius…

SOUL will lead strategy in order to enable business to become a force for positive   change in our world!”




“My ‘Eat Pray Love’ journey led me to experiment with and eliminate or integrate a variety of unconventional tools and tactics to reconnect with my Soul Style™ and shape my unique contribution to Business!”


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