Each month, I share with my community a few highlights from Numerology, Astrology and Human Design that can have a significant impact on how we integrate a more soulful approach to our business and beyond. This year (2024) I’m focusing on the ‘vibe’ or energy of Venus.

Soul & Business • January 2024


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Why Venus?

Out of ALL of the individual component pieces that make up our Soul Style…why Venus? In my experience working with astrology and human design, Venus infuses her energy into two areas:

– the 2nd House where we find our core values AND our value; our sense of self-worth, our earned income/money story, and

– the 7th House, where we find relationships governed by legal agreements (in business think, clients/customers, business partnerships, collaborations, joint ventures etc.).

Taken together, I have come to believe that these two areas have a deep influence on our business (and beyond). Yes, we will each have our own ‘Venus Story’ based on where this planet is located but in broad terms, I feel there is untapped potential in aligning ourselves with the vibe of Venus to create and experience more in this so-called Age of Aquarius (also, redefining value and reshaping relationship agreements are directly connected to my Soul’s Purpose Driver).

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What does it mean to business?

Over the last 10-15 years I’ve consolidated my strategies and frameworks with clients, who are mostly soulful CEOs (conscious entrepreneurs and owners), to really focus on FIVE main things:

  1. Your CEO Vision, in particular the encoded insights in your birth data that shine a light on what your SOUL’S Vision is (what your Soul came here to create and experience through the whole of the human experience; of which, business/work/career is one part)
  2. Your Voice, being able to clearly and confidently communicate your Vision (and your Value, mentioned later) to the market is ONE of ‘marketings’ superpowers.
  3. Your Village, or your community of clients/customers; connecting with your ‘tribe’ is another one of marketing’s superpowers.
  4. Your Vital Energy, and by this I mean everything from your time, money and resources, your physical/mental energy and in the spiritual/energy language, your Prana or Qi.
  5. Your Core Value, which reflects the entirely unique and essential contribution you make, to your business and team, your market, community and/or Village, and to the big picture; that is, the Divine plan for humanity (and you thought owning your own business was just about entrepreneurial freedom, creativity, independence or pioneering new paths )


In my upcoming eBook, “Alignment Precedes Achievement”, I break down two sides of alignment — the practical/tangible things and the soulful/energy things — and it is reflected in the Five Vs. Alignment on both sides comes down to these five foundational pieces. Alignment creates a powerful personal METRIC for success.

I know, I know…it all sounds so ‘woo-woo’ until you start to experience the achievement part.

These modalities seem inconsequential to business, until you start to create more WITH them than you ever did without them.


When we align with our Soul Style and the vibe of Venus, we tune into soul-aligned outcomes and we start to scratch the surface on what the mighty thought-leaders in mental science have been talking about for more than 100 years (Thomas Troward, Wallace D. Wattles, Napoleon Hill, Genevieve Berhand…) and what the spiritual traditions, from Hinduism to Christianity, where REALLY trying to teach.

We also get to see where or what we might need to shift in order to get more aligned within our work/career/business and beyond. We also start to discover unconventional strategies that fit us (at a soul level) and assist us in finding our way of creating more Vision, Voice, Village, Vital Energy and Value, the five things that reflect our Soul’s ultimate ‘endgame’ (or end-aim).



If you are wanting to live your best life, build a business that works AND one that you love ALIGNMENT precedes achievement.

If you are feeling stuck, spinning your wheels, going in circles in a business you KNOW has potential but is just not getting traction ALIGNMENT precedes achievement.

If you have it all…money, prestige, success, etc. and STILL feel there’s something missing ALIGNMENT precedes (real) achievement.


Recapture the Soul of Business with Trish Murray. Align your Vision, Voice, Village, Vital Energy and your Value to connect, communicate and create more inside your business & beyond.


Take it Further

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