Each month, I share with my community a few highlights from Numerology, Astrology and Human Design that can have a significant impact on how we integrate a more soulful approach to our business and beyond.



August 2023 • By The Stars.

I’ve come to think of Full Moons as a reflection of where things in our world may have come to ‘fullness’ and perhaps are completing their cycle of evolution. A SUPER simple approach to reconnecting Soul & Business is to realign with the waxing and waning of the moon’s cycle.

By creating a sense of ritual or routine for ourselves to regularly check in at the full and new moon for what we can release and let go of, or begin anew … we can start to feel more ‘mindful’ and coherent, even if the chaos around us is escalating.


August 2023 • By Design!

In Human Design, the movement and energy of the stars is further distilled into themes associated with 64 different ‘gates’, each representing the archetypal energy theme of the celestial objects that orbit above us.

This month’s lunar cycle starts with a Full Moon (Aug 1st) in Aquarius at Gate 19 with the theme of Attunement

This TUNING IN energy invites us to use our spiritual/intuitive practice to determine what needs to be renewed, recalibrated or released inside our business (or beyond). 

I began sharing a simple process with clients during my extensive mid-life recalibration to unite purpose-driven with practical action.  

It’s mostly intuitive for me now but a couple of times each a year I get intentional about using The Power of the P.A.S.S. to tune in and see where I might need to refocus my energy in order to sustain my power levels. 

We need ATTUNEMENT to evaluate POSSIBILITIES. We need to pause, amplify, stop AND start in order to create more and experience more, inside our businesses and beyond. This simple tool helps you identify where you can do so, often with less doing, spending and adding.


August 2023 • By the Numbers! 

The energy of 2023 makes it a great time to integrate purpose-driven processes like this with a practical action to access more POWER by pausing, amplifying, stopping or starting … something.

All four pieces of the P.A.S.S. have their own unique value however, in my experience, the third (Stopping) is the most powerful of ALL right now, because our world has convinced us to keep doing more, adding more and spending more, while putting very little value on answering the question, 


Is all this ‘more’ adding up to my vision & purpose?! 


I’ve lost track of how many clients I’ve worked with over the last 25 years who found themselves over-extended and simultaneously under-whelmed by the ever-increasing expectation of more.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this year we are experiencing the Attunement theme PRIOR to the theme of Possibility (Gate 4, New Moon, Aug 16).  I struggled most through my mid-life evolution(s) when I tried to amplify or start something, without first tuning in. 

Tuning into my soul style; including, my core human design strategy, which invites me to wait and respond to the opportunities that I feel emotionally consistent about.

Connect the Dots!

I think it’s helpful to see how I have taken the insights and put them into action in my own corner of the world…Attunement leads to Possibility and, in my humble experience, this is a direct pathway to the theme of the second Full Moon in August … Peace (Aug 30).

My mid-life shift was two parts creative expansion and two parts chaos, in large part because it was only AFTER navigating this 15-year period that I finally sat down and mapped out the number of ‘celestial’ events that have a profound influence our mid-life years (about 37-52 years of age).

I think we now call it a mid-life ‘crisis’ because we simply don’t understand the BIG shifts that are transpiring over our heads. 


More than one-third of all major astrological returns occur during this period, which means finding stability,

staying grounded and focused and feeling a consistent sense of peace can be an EPIC challenge!


In fact, I literally felt over my head; like I was drowning in change and disruption (some of it self-made, some of it not), all of which contributed to feeling like I just couldn’t find what I was searching for. When I discovered the insights woven into my North Node, two things happened:

– I felt peace! 

– I felt frustrated!

I felt peace because at a deep, soul level something within me said ‘YES!!! THIS!’ and I felt frustrated because what I found in my North Node suggested I would need to shift 180º and enter into unfamiliar territory. 

It took me time to reconcile the South and North Node relationship in our charts but once I did, the North Node became akin to our Soul’s North Star, designed to guide us through and beyond the mid-life shifts with greater clarity and ease.

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