Reconnect with the soul and you realign with a business built for the Age of Aquarius.

Radical Honesty? The Age of Aquarius will be built by (and for) CEOs & Entrepreneurs whose soul alignment becomes the power behind the unique contribution they bring into the world.

soul & business - marketing services

Ready for the optimal blend of Soul & Business?

The Age of Aquarius is going to teach us that we live in a ‘both-and’ Universe, which means you can be BOTH strategic AND soulful.

Lead from the directional wisdom encoded into your Soul & Business Compass!

Trish offers soul and business consulting packages for entrepreneurs and owners who are ready for a version of business done more soulfully.

.The 9-week Soul & Business Immersion integrates:

  • Nine (9) 60-minute one-to-one insight and ideation calls with Trish.

  • A solid foundation that restores meaning and purpose and shores up your confidence to own your unique contribution to the world!
  • Direction from your Soul & Business Compass powered by Human Design and the Success Codex™

  • Fundamental and familiar business tools guided by yours-forever concept videos that sharpen and refine each vibrational centre and harness your specific ‘soul strategy’.

  • Integration windows that weave co-creation, self-direction together with strategic support
  • Access to monthly Soul Talks with Trish and Quarterly Strategic Planning Sessions




Create a soulful experience for your internal team, ‘tribe’ or small group with one of Trish’s private workshops!


Trish’s customized workshops activate a deeper sense of meaning and purpose and support open-minded entrepreneurial community builders, high-vibe ‘tribe’ leaders and, CEOs seeking to inspire the soul of their team!

  • Explore simple lunch & learn formats to half day collaborative partnerships and immersive retreat-style gatherings.
  • Bring your team into the mystery of their unique Soul Style through Numerology, Astrology or Human Design
  • Create a custom experience for the souls in your group to expand meaning, purpose and soul wellness!

Trish has worked with our founding partners and their Soul-Styles to reflect more meaning into our marketing and more purpose into our business plan! Her creative counsel helped us build a simple quarterly Game Plan and I don’t know how else to say it, but it all feels 100% aligned with who we are.”

Sheryl A.

I feel so supported and so, so grateful! Your process is clear and organized, I’m feeling the momentum building and see how each piece is fitting together each week. I am awed to see my Soul-Style through the lens of core archetypes, they’ve definitely been present throughout my whole career, and gives me such confidence to lean into my Explorer/Adventurer as I evolve my work.

Jo-Anne W

I just read Planning with Purpose and LOVED it!!! I also love that you’re sharing astrology and the akashic records with people. Amazing!

Integration, growth and clarity to evolve my brand projects were my goals. Trish’s creative, pragmatic approach exceeded expectations plus solidified the next best version of my brand. It’s re-energized my purpose and the insights from my Human Design reinforced where my energy is best spent.

This is more than cornerstone marketing messages, it is a business playbook from the Soul of my business. I’m going to repeat this process annually

Reshape the soul of your business through unique group workshops.


Over the next 20 years we will be pressed to come (back) together and, to live in a more integrated way • body-mind-soul, business and beyond.

John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods Market, has called SQ (Spiritual Intelligence) “the next frontier in leadership.”

Consider the pure potential of a Fractional CMO & scalable, strategic support with Trish Murray!<br />