Trish Murray reconnects conscious entrepreneurs & owners (C.E.O.s) with directional insights to integrate soul wisdom into their business & beyond!

Radical Honesty: The Age of Aquarius will be built by (and for) soul-aligned C.E.O.s who are powerful, positive forces for change because they connect a crystal clear CEO Soul Vision with communications that reflect their core value and follow the directional insights encoded into their birth data to create core relationships that last!

Rediscovery your Creator Soul Style with Trish Murray, Soul of Business

Reconnect with your  CEO Soul Vision!

We all came here with a distinct role and purpose to play in ushering in this ‘new age’ of Aquarius…

…are you clear about yours?

With a clear, compelling CEO Soul Vision we know exactly where to focus our minds and our money…

 …without one? We struggle and spin, we add more, spend more and layer more in and generally ‘manifest’ less. I can only say this, because I’ve lived this.


  • Your CEO Vision is only valuable if it has meaning and keeps you dynamically engaged in the day to day work.
  • Work with the overarching and specific themes relevant to your business.
  • Find out if you need to stay focused on building a legacy, inspiring and teaching, or if you are wired for people and profits and building the next generation of systems and structures befitting a new age. 
  • Shape your CEO Soul Vision from the ground up using directional insights encoded into your birth data, Trish’s unique co-creative process that leads to a professionally crafted manifesto.

Already have an initial CEO Vision?

Sharpen the edges with a laser-focused Discovery Package.


Realign with the HEART of marketing to connect, communicate and create more!

  • After 30 years on the Marketing field, Trish knows one thing for sure, Business tends to focus more on tactical execution than the timeless strategies that put more points on the board.

    Strategy before Implementation
    Planning before Execution

  • Marketing begins to feel effortless when the foundational elements align with your unique Soul Style!

  • Trish offers a soul-aligned Marketing Matrix that is coded to your birth data and refines:

    — Your Core Value (contribution/brand/differentiation)
    — Your Client Community
    — A Sufficient 3-Point Playbook
    — Soul-Aligned Cornerstone Messaging
    — A Super Simple Quarterly Game Plan

Trish has worked with our founding partners and their Soul-Styles to reflect more meaning into our marketing and more purpose into our business plan! Her creative counsel helped us build a simple quarterly Game Plan and I don’t know how else to say it, but it all feels 100% aligned with who we are.”

Sheryl A.

I feel so supported and so, so grateful! Your process is clear and organized, I’m feeling the momentum building and see how each piece is fitting together each week. I am awed to see my Soul-Style through the lens of core archetypes, they’ve definitely been present throughout my whole career, and gives me such confidence to lean into my Explorer/Adventurer as I evolve my work.

Jo-Anne W

Integration, growth and clarity to evolve my brand projects were my goals. Trish’s creative, pragmatic approach exceeded expectations plus solidified the next best version of my brand. It’s re-energized my purpose and the insights from my Human Design reinforced where my energy is best spent.

This is more than cornerstone marketing messages, it is a business playbook from the Soul of my business. I’m going to repeat this process annually

Soul-Aligned Marketing that Means More

The Age of Aquarius will breaking through the meaningless and mundane…

…is your marketing positioned to mean more and create more?

Consider the pure potential of a Fractional CMO & scalable, strategic support with Trish Murray!<br />
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Ready to create even more balance between strategic and soulful?

The Age of Aquarius is going to teach us that we live in a ‘both-and’ Universe…

…which means, you can be BOTH strategic AND soulful, inside your business and beyond.

Trish offers a unique Soul of Business package that aligns you with Aquarian values supporting ‘strategic’ and ‘soulful’.


  • Bridge the gap between your directional insights and consistent, aligned action

  • Four, one-to-one calls with Trish each month focused on aligning with the vital energy that amplifies your Vision, Value, Voice and Village
  • Quarterly planning by Design.Trish brings you back to your ‘big picture’ and helps you evaluate the specific pieces that will bring it all to life 
  • For annual clients, Trish prepares a soulfully strategic, purpose-driven working session that results in laser-focused, practical actions to guide your next year.
  • Want even more soul? Integrate elements from Trish’s Soul Style community, including her monthly ‘Venus Report’ and inspired insights from your Akashic Records to call in even more of your Soul Style to your business & beyond.