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Welcome to a new (calendar) year. In this episode, I’m sharing four ‘choice points’ that I see in 2024 as I step back to get perspective on the main themes from numerology, human design and astrology.

These choice points are framed as questions, questions I’ve been using in order to take the big planetary shifts and mystical movements of numerology, astrology and human design and turn them into useable, practical actions.



There are two core themes from numerology that I think will serve us well this year (and the relationship between these two).

  1. WISDOM.


Beyond that, as I looked at movements transpiring in astrology and human design through my particular lens, a few key things stood out for me and will be of particular relevance to my Village — conscious entrepreneurs, soulful business owners and those embarking on their ‘hero’s journey’ to recapture the soul of business!


— Pluto’s initial foray into Aquarius (Jan-May) and its retrograde back to Capricorn. I talk about this period initial exploration Pluto is doing as an opportunity for us to look for glimpses, snapshots and hints of foresight that can inform and influence what kind of world we COULD create over the next 20 years.

  • This shaped Choice Point #1CHOOSING the world we want to create.


— The intersection between Saturn and Neptune in the sign of Pisces (I think of Pisces as the Divine Mystic) and the human design gates each will move through, which will bring a decidedly mystical, spiritual flavour to them.

  • This shaped Choice Point #2 — CHOOSING to create with Spirit/Divine/Source/God and the immutable principles and laws that govern our world.


— Mercury’s Retrograde in August (one of three others that will happen this year) coincides with four other planets moving into a retrograde movement at the same time, bringing in some ‘slow down’ energy. I suggested this could be the optimal time to schedule a break mid year and use this slow down energy to rest, restore and evaluate three main human design themes associated to Mercury during this period.

  • This shaped Choice Point #3 — CHOOSING to believe in pure possibility (again).


— Uranus in Taurus has been influencing events on a global scale for a few years and will continue to impact the ‘values-shift’ underway for a couple of years yet. I talk about the values-shift that has us all reconsidering are we sustainable, what are we devoted to and what can we do to align our VALUES with where we are placing our vote(s).

  • This shaped Choice Point #4 — CHOOSING to vote for options that truly promise and deliver valuable, worthy experiences that help us fulfill our Soul potential and path.


These four choice points are energetic in nature…as my favourite meditation guide says, “where attention goes, energy flows.” (David Ji).

You may find that all four resonate with you or you might notice that you mind tracks back to one through out the episode and throughout the year.



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