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September 2023 • By The Numbers

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September 2023 • By The Stars

All eyes on VENUS…last month went retrograde, goes direct on Sept 4th and then presents 2 interesting Venus transits that influence us almost the entire month: Venus square Jupiter, and Venus sextile Mars.

Venus square Jupiter theme — opportunity to explore love/relationships/money and expansion/renewal Venus sextile Mars theme — chance to bring active/dynamic energy into the realm of love/relationships/money…might mean change or simply taking action in some way.

What really stood out for me as I saw these themes paralleled with what I am seeing with clients right now.

There is a very natural refocusing happening.

In my calls last week, we started talking about client relationships.

A few clients are focusing on solutions for customers that have become unserviceable. 

Other clients are revisiting their budgets and recalibrating to remained aligned with spending in-line with revenue.

One thing really popped for me was a discussion I had with a group about Marketing investments, and asking,  “What if, the energy Venus is bringing, is inviting you to re-assess how your deploying budget dollars in Marketing, to shift some away from acquisition in favour of retention/loyalty/gratitude etc.?

It’s not uncommon for businesses to over-invest their Marketing in acquisition and “looking pretty” to newcomers while missing simple opportunities to expand (the energy of Jupiter) and grow by focusing more on people who are already with them.

The bottomline is that the Universe is bringing an extra shot of ‘Venus’ energy in right now, and I think it’s an opportunity to as more heart-centred questions…either inside your business or beyond.

When I talk about Soul & Business, the underlying sentiment is honouring the soulful part of who we are, inside our business and beyond. 

It’s about reconnecting with the part of us that so often gets left in the lobby as we ride up the elevator to take our seat in the boardroom.

How can you use the Venus energy to create a business AND a life 360 that reflects the soul truths that you value the most?


September 2023 • By Design


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