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If you haven’t yet discovered most of what we call business today is a series of experiments designed to lead us to find our way of doing and BEING in business.

That’s the essence of Soul & Business…drawing on specific pieces that lead to a more soulful approach reflected in our unique Soul Style!

I have a strong point of view on the topic of experiments, in part, shaped from the time I’ve spent over the last 25 years in other people’s business (literally and metaphorically), and in part, due to a 10-year “awakening” journey and the personal and professional red pills and rabbit holes I’ve encountered.

Until I got the epiphany that we are each here to find and follow our own unique way (which I now refer to as our Soul Style) I felt like I was all over the map, trying to follow, step-by-step in someone else’s path.  I was surprise to hear, as you will in my very first podcast episode … I was actually far more coherent that I FELT and chances are, so are you!

In ‘The Coherence of Queen’ I share a couple of takeaways that I got from watching Bohemian Rhapsody. I don’t think there are any spoilers per se, but consider yourself fairly warned, if you haven’t seen it.

This movie came at just the perfect moment and presented a fun intersection for me. I have been considering starting a podcast and the ideas sparked by this movie seemed like the perfect place to start!

Many of those ideas were perfectly aligned with one of the five vibrational centres from my Soul & Business Codex — OUR VILLAGE — and point to how coherent the band Queen was, as it relates to their connection with their ‘people’; their audience, their ‘customers’…their tribe.

Their coherence was (in my opinion) based on how dedicated they were to practicing the ‘fundamentals’, largely in this order.



  1. Hone your sound
  2. Identify and establish a fan base
  3. Settle into 2-3 things that galvanize your customer/fan experience
  4. Explore ways to connect and collaborate with others


Each founding member was ‘tuned’ to their audience in a bit of a different way and it was their connections that fuelled more creativity, shaped their unique ‘brand’ and INFORMED THE EXPERIENCE they wanted to create for their people.  The members of the band in their own unique way, were reflections of their tribe.


“We’re four misfits that don’t belong, playing to the other misfits at the back of

the room who are pretty sure they don’t belong either.”

This is fundamental conversation I have with clients, especially community builders and tribe leaders.

Identify the ways you don’t feel like you ‘belong’; the ways you feel like a misfit and,

then go find other people who feel the same way.


Listening back to the episode I am STILL totally in alignment with what I shared back in 2019.

I STILL believe that if you want to, you can look at the things that Queen did and find ways to emulate them, in the context of your business and create stronger connections with your Village (your clients, team, partners, collaborators, etc.)

It won’t look or feel exactly the same — you’re not Queen.

It won’t start or end in the same place as it did for Queen.

The objective, or mission, should you choose to accept it is to listen beyond the story, beyond the characters and beyond their outcomes, and TUNE IN to what sparks of Divine Inspiration come up for you.

That is the essence of Soul & Business.

It’s about taking insights, intel or information and filtering it through your own “style” to discover different ways of creating the experience you want your client’s to have, and in doing so, tap into new ways to grow, expand, lead, teach, inspire…or whatever your core Value is to your customers.




Recapture the Soul of Business with Trish Murray. Align your Vision, Voice, Village, Vital Energy and your Value to connect, communicate and create more inside your business & beyond.



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