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Discover your Soul Style by decoding insights hidden in your birth data!

Radical Honesty: The answers we seek are hidden behind locked doors and buried in places we have never been taught to look.  Trish draws on four core modalities to help individuals find hidden truths in human design, astrology and numerology to elevate and amplify their business and their life 360º!

There are any number of ways to find your unique Soul Style and Trish chose these four because they each offer something different: simple, relatable, precise or inspired insights.


Connect with what moves you at a soul level!

Thriving in the Age of Aquarius means shifting from external drivers to what moves us at a soul level.

  • Connect with four insights from your birth data through numerology, astrology and human design
  • Get a guided tour of each insight with a 15-min highlight reel from Trish
  • Revisit your findings with a personal Soul Drivers Guide (pdf), which includes three primary charts



Paradigm Shift Ahead!

It takes a shift to see the connection between our Soul Style and business and how it enables us to thrive in this unfolding Age of Aquarius.

Explore your Soul Style and specific intersections to your business work with a single 60-Minute Soul & Business Mashup.

Trish will run your charts and walk you through insights that are pertinent to what is top of mind for you, and you’ll leave with clarity of purpose and a meaningful path forward to create more soul-alignment!





Discover the intersection between Soul & Business!


Discovery packages are laser-focused on refining one of your Five Vibrational Centers: Your Value, Village, Voice, Vision and/or Vital Energy. 

Working from your Soul & Business Compass Trish gives you insights and tools, strategic support and creative self-direction to build a foundation for connection, communication and customer relationships that will thrive in this new age of Aquarius!

Each Discovery includes:

  • Four (4), 60-minute, weekly working sessions with Trish focused on the intersection between the Soul & Business, based on the center of your choice.
  • Co-creation, clarity and coherence by blending strategy and soul, insight and implementation and teasing the wisdom out of the ‘woo’.
  • A personal Discovery Guide including your Soul & Business Compass (powered by your Human Design & Success Codex™), 2-3 foundational business tools that concrete your connection, communication and customer relationships.
  • Recorded replays for ongoing reference, plus unique group opportunities to revisit key elements monthly and quarterly.