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Discover the pure potential and possibility encoded in your birth data!

Radical Honesty: We hear often that there is no ‘owner’s manual’ for how to do life. But what if, woven into the ancient wisdom traditions and ‘occult’ (hidden) practices, is a blueprint or game-plan from our Soul that guides our business and everything beyond?

It takes a pretty open and expansive mind to be able to allow for the pure possibility that the answers we seek to ‘live our best life’ are buried in places we have never been taught to look.

Trish chose the mashup of these four modalities because on their own they offer simple, relatable and personal ‘intel’ but taken together…they connect us with directional insights that connect us with the strategy of our Soul.

There are any number of ways to find your unique Soul Style and Trish chose these four because they each offer something different: simple, relatable, precise or inspired insights.


Find what moves you at a soul level with four core drivers!


Your Soul Driver Guide introduces four foundational pieces of your Soul Style and shines a light on what moves and motivates you at a soul level! 

Thriving in the Age of Aquarius means shifting from external drivers like competition, conflict and scarcity to our internal soul drivers, which are encoded into our birth data and reflected through our numerology, astrology, human design, gene keys, etc.

Find what moves you with personal insights from your Soul Drivers Guide (pdf) plus, your three primary charts all framed in a 15-minute highlight reel from Trish!

See More in a 60-Minute Mashup

Explore more of your unique Soul Style or get a totally different perspective on business or beyond, across a life 360º!

Each 60-Minute Mashup draws on insights from your unique Soul Style.

• Set an intention for foundational insights.

• See more with a broader perspective to guide practical actions.

• Find your way from pain point or problems to soul-aligned solutions.


Connect with Trish’s Strategy & Soul Collection 


Step into a deep well of soul-aligning insights, resources and tools that are applicable to business, and beyond!

Your Soul Style: You want to know about YOUR human design, numerology and astrology? Trish publishes a new video vignette each month and mini-series that bring it all together for you to gather insights into your unique Soul Style and integrate into your life.

Soul Talk with Trish: Each month, join Trish live on Zoom for an ‘open mic’ conversation and turn questions into answers, information into insight and take the abstract wisdom & ‘woo’ into approachable and applicable. 

Soul Stories: See the hidden truths of our soul style through the story Trish (re)tells from the life and work of Steve Jobs, Louise Hay, Mary Kay and more!

Soul Resources & Practices: Building & expanding our personal practice is one key to leading ourselves back to the SOUL of business and a life 360!  Connect with a comprehensive, curated selection of age-changing resources soul practices and ‘Trish Tested’ tools, you won’t find anywhere else!