Explore the modalities and core centers behind Soul & Business



In the decade following Trish’s departure from the corporate world of business, she left no stone unturned in search of the most insightful and reliable tools that could (re)unite Soul & Business.



Modalities behind the Soul & Business Compass


Behind your Soul Style is a diverse body of ancient knowledge and timeless wisdom.

Numerology has been traced back to the age of Pythagoras, but as with all of the ancient knowledge and deep wisdom, a precise date and source is difficult to pin-point. What we know is that Numerology shows up EVERYWHERE…from graphic design to music theory, to sacred geometry, spiritual traditions, physics, movies (the matrix, the nines, beautiful mind)…

Why Numerology? Because it’s relatively simple for soul seekers to work with and it holds deep meaning!


Astrology comes in a couple of forms, western and eastern as well as a lineage traced to Biblical Astrology. I work with Western Astrology most common to North Americans with twelve signs and use the Tropical chart representation (Eastern/Vedic Astrology uses Sidereal), both systems are accurate but they have different points of measurement.

Why Astrology? Because it brings deep self-understanding and is powerful tool in understanding the diverse factors that influence our Value, Vital Energy, Village, Voice and Vision!


Human Design first surfaced in 1987 through Ra Uru Hu (Robert Krackower) and is the aggregation of Western Astrology, the Chinese I-Ching and Hindu Chakra System, Jewish Kabbalah and Quantum Physics. I work with the branch of Quantum Human Design, which brings forward a new language and vibrational tone fitting those who have been on their Soul & Business journey for a while.

Why Human Design? Because it brings a sense of precision using themes from the 64 hexagrams in the Chinese I-Ching is many ways an elegant system to lead us out of a conditioned perception of our life path into our own unique soul’s path.


Trish’s unique process integrates the three core modalities with insights from The Success Codex™ and shine a light on your unique Soul Style and how that can inspire, guide, and expand your business.



“Millionaires don’t use Astrology. Billionaires do.”

~ JP Morgan, Founder, JP Morgan/Chase Bank



With 30 years in the business and marketing industry, Trish can say with confidence there are five core centres that create the necessary stability to experience long term success. Without clarity and alignment in these five areas, we will experience chronic struggle, scarcity and self-doubt. Her business/marketing experience is augmented by degree studies in Psychology (specifically, consumer-brand relationships) and training in Yoga, Human Design and the Success Codex to harmonize the essential elements of Soul & Business with the timeless truths of ancient and sacred philosophies.

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