Reconnect with the Heart of Marketing!

It’s time to get back to the soul, role and purpose of Marketing.

If you are not amplifying more with your marketing, it’s time to bring it all back to ground zero and reconnect with the Heart of Marketing.

In this series, Trish shares her unique big picture perspective on Marketing based on a 25 year career supporting the biggest, multi-national brands and the smallest of small business — solopreneurs and micro-enterprises.

Drawing on insights from divergent sources from ‘The Divine Matrix’ and ‘The Human Brand’ this series is designed to get to the heart of effective marketing that is solopreneur-approved!


• May 28 – July 4, 2024 •

— Connect with eight (8) video vignettes that reframe the big picture around Marketing, it’s soul, it’s role and it’s true purpose and, it’s three ‘superpowers’.

— Lean into Trish’s unique perspective on how the practice of Marketing is going to change from a distinctly masculine-energy industry, as the Divine feminine energy continues to rise and rebalance our world.

— Connect the dots to find YOUR unique way into a personal practice that communicates your core Value more coherently!