There is a natural order to everything.  Four seasons (in most regions ) mirror the natural cycles and the rhythm woven into every aspect of how nature operates. 


I started teaching Yoga in 2015 during my Eat Pray Love journey.  I opened my little studio in February 2015 offering a mixture of group classes and mobile private sessions (going to people’s homes). In the summer of 2016, I paid to be a lead sponsor in a pretty big event.

It was a promotional event hosted by the city’s professional football team called, Sunset Yoga and it drew about 750 people. Some people came because they loved yoga whereas others wanted the experience of being on the field.

It was the PERFECT intersection for me to be part of – I loved yoga (obviously) and I was a big fan of the team. I knew the profile of their fan base and it fit the audience I wanted to connect with, so I invested close to $1,000 in the sponsorship plus the supporting materials, which seemed like the world for my first solo venture!

I had all my boxes checked (that’s my Virgo Ascendent/South Node) including an estimate of what I hoped I would get in conversion value. I had thought of everything in terms of implementation and, while I was a little disappointed in the response from my client base, I carried on anyway with this opportunity to gain visibility and awareness.


The clients that did show up for the event were incredibly supportive of me and many were pressing me to make a bigger deal about being one of the ‘lead sponsors’, but I just couldn’t do it.

I found myself feeling a wall of resistance in even walking around after the main event for a ‘sip and social’, to connect with the small contingent who stayed.

To short-cut the story, I got ZERO new clients from that investment and after a few weeks of analyzing the crap out every single detail (that’s my Virgo Ascendent/South Node) I finally had to acknowledge that there was one thing behind the resistance and the disconnect I experienced.

I wasn’t ROOTED and GROUNDED in my Core Value.



This was apparently a ‘life lesson’ I was going to learn a few more times because between 2017-2019 I found that same sense of resistance and disconnection show up in a number of situations,

1 – I was buying into multiple declarations of those claiming they could “reconnect me”, which cost me dearly (eg: $35,000 in 15 months with one coach).

2 – I delivered a key presentation at a local entrepreneur center, where I gathered a record audience (according to the organizer) and again, didn’t bring a single attendee into my community, despite having a kick ass presentation and all the ‘things’.

3 – I spoke three more times in the months to come, one event was a home run hit (I had people thumping their hands on the table affirming what I was sharing) and another that was a COMPLETE failure, so much so that I almost left the event after my address because I felt so … what? Embarrassed, frustrated, inadequate…I don’t know, pick one. 🤦‍♀️ 😞

In late 2018 I started to get quiet.

I began really looking at my numerology and astrology (and then human design) and I started to see the problem behind these chronic pain points. 

I didn’t KNOW what my Core Value really was. 

I was TAUGHT that it needed to center on what I could do for people and maybe a little of how I was able to do it differently, based on my experience.

But as I got quiet I started to hear something in my meditations … who you are is what you have to offer’.

This was a mic drop moment for me.

And it was when I started to shape the five vibrational centers based on the natural order of the chakras in Yoga, but it took a few more years before I was rooted and grounded in how they reflected my Core Value. Over the last six or seven years the representation has evolved, as my Core Value has evolved. So is the nature of creating and innovating.




If we don’t know (or honour) our Core Value, we won’t feel ‘rooted and grounded’. 


This month in my community I’m focusing on the Root Center – VALUE – which aligns with the first chakra in Yoga Philosophy (the Muladhara chakra in Sanskrit).

I’m focused here because the first chakra in Yoga is where we develop a foundation of grounding, nourishment, health, prosperity and trust

You’ll know you are rooted, grounded in your Core Value because it shows up!

– You’re reaching your goals and you feel aligned! Business has a sense of ease and flow to it (non-resistance). You aren’t pushing yourself to show up (Vital Energy), there’s a naturalness to your presence (Village), and your communication is clearly and consistently in line with your unrelenting ‘truth’ (Voice).

– You can see your ‘daily doing’ adding points to the board (revenue, clients, partnerships or whatever other metric you use) and you’re able to see progress. But above all, you are manifesting more of your big picture CEO Vision.

On the other hand, when there are misalignments in the Value Center the ripple effects inside the business (and the owner) are heartbreaking! 

–  Chronic financial difficulties; in business, this might mean we can’t get traction or burn out trying to keep momentum going

–  A hyper-fixation on the numbers (money, conversion, impressions..); worrying and stressing, even when our P&L looks good

–  Frustration, disappointment or bitterness because we’re caught in the deceptive narrative that business is a ‘competitive game’

–  Conflict born of fear or anxiety (because of the perception of competition), recycling faulty ideas of scarcity, etc.

Believe it or not, we can have all the markings of ‘success on paper’ and STILL feel like something’s missing, like we haven’t achieved enough (or that WE aren’t enough). 



Download insights into your Sun Sign to merge them with the

Core Value Venn exercise to consider your Core Value differently.

(open access until April 30th. After April 30th, access through my Soul & Business Collection)

It was through my Yoga Years that I started to really understand the power of taking a more soulful approach to business. Also, every other way I’d learned had come to feel totally out of alignment for me.

One practice I’ve used since 2015 is considering the movement of the planets and how this helps me work with the energy in order to create more, experience more and to improve things, inside business and beyond.  If you would like to connect with more of those kinds of Soul & Business intersections, join my monthly newsletter where I share the human design themes associated to Venus and how we can use those to take a more soulful approach to “being in business”.


THE PUNCHLINE: There IS a natural order to things. 

From re-evaluating our Core Value to the marketplace, to the events unfolding around us right now, understanding that order turns chaos into coherence. 

We will see this isn’t the end of the world, it’s the end of a world; the end of a cycle.  As cycles come to an end it’s inevitable that we will see and experience disruption and destruction in some way, shape or form. It’s the Divine ORDER of things, through which new things emerge.

If you are consciously redefining your core Value it’s very likely that you are at the end of a cycle and the key is in considering how to re-position yourself to thrive in the new cycle and in this ‘new age’ of Aquarius.




When we are rooted and grounded in our Core Value,

we feel a deep sense of stability and trust that ripples

through every aspect of our business.  


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