Can I just say, if I had known this in 2012 as I was starting my ‘mid-life course correction’ I firmly believe my midlife shift (aka, spiritual awakening, Eat Pray Love journey, etc) would have been SO much easier! And, more fun!

Alas, I didn’t know what I didn’t know but now that I do … it fuels my ability to connect the dots between the peak pivots (numerology) and major returns (astrology/human design) and how we can work with our vital energy, more effectively and expansively.


Let’s start with how I came to this understanding.

I was having lunch with my friend Summer one day and she asked me, “have you read much about your North Node”? At the time I was still mostly just f–cking around with astrology so I confessed that I didn’t know much about the North Node. She sent me an email with this long and very accurate report/guide about MY North Node and, well, things just started to unfold from there.

My first foray into ‘officially’ studying astrology started with focusing more on big picture, predictive insights (vs. the personal natal chart). But, in the year that followed my conversation with Summer, I started to pivot how I was looking at the fundamental principles of astrology and, in doing so, I saw the real impact these major returns (which include the North Node) have on each of us throughout the course of our lives.

It all led to another inspired insight or ‘divine download’,


The only reason we call it a ‘midlife crisis’ is because we aren’t taught

what transpires in the stars and we definitely don’t learn how to interpret or intuit

what it means for us individually down here on planet earth.


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I think what was MOST compelling for me at the time was coming to understand that, out of the EIGHTEEN ‘major’ returns that transpire across our current lifespan (say 90 years) HALF of them occur during a 20-year period of time; the ages 37-60. (noted within the circled area)

And, coincidentally (not really) it’s a period that the Western culture has decided to label, the ‘midlife crisis’.

Rewind to when I was working on my degree studies in Psychology.

One of the course pathways I chose was developmental psychology, which included looking at the various theories and frameworks to understand how we (humans) develop over the course of our life.

I remember one individual (their name escapes me) stating, “it isn’t so much a crisis as a course-correction’.


When I connected these dots a whole bunch of things fell into the place for me personally and professionally.

The Divine Universe (and our sweet Soul) has PURPOSELY planned the midlife shift to be a time when we get to step back, see our ‘big picture’ and evaluate if/where we need to course-correct. Of course, it’s been marketed as something else entirely.

I say IF, because I don’t believe that everyone will need to ‘shift’ nor that everyone will need to shift as much as I did.

I have found with clients that the more aligned they are (consciously or unconsciously) with their Soul Style, the less likely it is that they need to evaluate or adjust. That doesn’t mean they are super spiritual, it simply means that they have been tuned in.


Feeling a strong pull to make changes in midlife often

reflects a misalignment with your Soul’s path.


For me though, I was looking at my journey through a WHOLE new lens. In 2012, I started really take stock and I encountered a lot of ‘shadow’ stuff that needed to be resolved. I discovered that I was living WAY off my Soul’s ‘plumb line’ — not ethically or morally, but spiritually. My human experience was out of alignment with my spiritual being; that is, my Soul’s role and purpose for choosing to come into this incarnation (some of it related to my work, some of it didn’t).

Understanding my peak pivots and major returns was one of a number stops on my 10-year realignment journey that pulled me out of rabbit holes I didn’t need to be in and helped me see what was unfolding (at a soul level) more clearly!

I also found myself BREATHING.

Up to the point that I made this connection I was trying madly to ‘make things work’. I was pushing myself, hard. I was striving and ‘hustling’. I was over-invested, under-water and completely and utterly burned out.

The more I considered this ‘course-correction’ and the more I worked with these insights, the more I felt my Soul breathe.

I could imagine great sighs of relief among my Divine Guides, accompanied by high-fives and a celebration of sorts…


“YEP, she’s getting ahold of it now guys! Well done team, let’s go to lunch.”


It changed the trajectory of the path I’d been on.

It changed my relationship with my journey.

And, it fundamentally shifted how I was using MY VITAL ENERGY!

I found ‘energy leaks’ and a number of conduits that were literally siphoning energy away from me and, I redirected my Prana or Qi; my lifeforce energy in directions that started to ADD more to my business and to my Life 360º.

It was years later that I discovered the numerology piece. When I integrated the peak pivot insights with the major returns from astrology and the specific themes from human design, I saw how immensely PRACTICAL these tools are in grounding the abstract ‘energy, frequency, vibration’ to provide applicable and tangible strategies inside business and beyond.


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