Reshape Relationships For The Win!

Are you ready for the Relationship Renaissance?

In 2013, Trish re-focused her Psychology degree on the ‘Relationship Renaissance’, a term coined by the authors of The Human Brand. In this series she shares simple, soulful insights that initiate the smallest of small business owners into a relationship-based revenue streams.


• July 23 – September 11, 2024 •

— Tune into eight (8), short video vignettes on ‘engagement’, consumer-brand relationships, and crafting collaborations, client connections and partnership agreements that harmonize mutually-beneficial commercial interests.

— Lean into Trish’s unique perspective on what’s driving the Relationship Renaissance and how putting your Village at the centre of what you do, transforms the meaning, purpose and profitability of your business.

— Take theory into practice with thought-starters and infuse soul-aligning insights from Numerology, Astrology and Human Design to create (more) relationships for the win!