Each month, I share with my community a few highlights from Numerology, Astrology and Human Design that can have a significant impact on how we integrate more soul into our business and beyond.



July 2023 • By the Numbers!

We are heading into July which is the 7th month of the Gregorian calendar…in a year that has the global energy of 7…AND you might be experiencing a Soul Style energy year of 7 too!

That’s a lot of 7 energy this month!

Seven in Numerology is really a call to live more fully from our soul by reflecting, releasing and realigning. As I’ve been sharing throughout this year from my 2023 Energy Alignment Guide, the energy of 2023 is an invitation to go within, find the ‘quieter path’ in order to lean into more meaning and deeper purpose. Essentially, to become a bit of a philosopher.

In some ways it’s about surrendering – to the Universe, to what we can’t control and I think even more, to the directional insights that our ‘inner oracle’ wants to share – in order to help us feel more coherent (in the midst of chaos) and, from a Numerology perspective, to PREPARE for the energy coming forward in 2024 (an 8-Year) which is more expansive.

July 2023 • By the Stars!

July 1st • Neptune Retrograde

…which means, “everything ‘Neptune’ – intuition, dreams, longing, spiritual purpose – gets awakened and becomes more vivid, providing us with valuable insights and messages. Neptune (in our chart) is where we find a deeper spiritual connection. We no longer feel satisfied with the mundane. We want to go beyond the physical. We long for something deeper.” (AstroButterfly)

North Node Changes Signs (July 17)

…moving from Taurus to Aries. Aries is about self-identity and who we are as individuals. The South and North Nodes in our chart act something like a compass. The North Node shift has a profound impact around the age of 37-42. I tend to think of our North Node (after 37-42 years) as our ‘north star’.

Venus Goes Retrograde (July 22)

…just like Neptune, the energy it offers will be amplified in a way…retrogrades are when planets slow their orbit and they bring a ‘slow down’ energy with them.

Spoiler Alert: We are going to have SEVEN (ha!) planets go into a retrograde cycle later this year.

For now, where IS your Venus? What’s coming up in your collaborative or client relationships which are governed by the energy of Venus (love, value, beauty, luxury) and your 7th house.


When Venus slows down as it does pretty frequently, she invites us to ask, what really matters to us – what do we REALLY value?

We get to look at our relationships and determine what is still relevant, what’s not and, what we need to change, inside our business and beyond?

July 2023 • By Design!

Full Moon (July 3) – Gate 38 • The Visionary

Full Moons reflect a little bit the retrograde energy of Venus, we are invited every month to have a look at what to release and let go of in order to begin or start shifting, in alignment with our Soul Style.

In my opinion, the Gate of the Visionary in Human Design, is about seeing struggle or challenge through the lens of “what’s worth fighting for?”.

“What’s truly worthy of my time & talents, my energy & creative expression, my money & my mindspace, my resources and my relationships?”

This theme’s energy supports us in seeing more clearly (if we choose to) where the juice is really going to be worth the squeeze, so to speak.

We’ll feel this throughout the month of July.

In my experience, the widest part of the canyon is between our initial Vision and finding the right things to focus our energy on — the things that will manifest our vision most effectively, without leaving us feeling like we’re pushing a rock uphill all the time.

That was the specific feedback I got from Christine when we worked directional insights from her Human Design into a simple three point playbook that concisely reflects her products/services,

“Integration, growth and clarity to evolve my brand projects were my goals.

Trish’s creative, pragmatic approach exceeded expectations plus solidified the next best version of my brand.

It’s re-energized my purpose and the insights from my Human Design reinforced where my energy is best spent. (emphasis added)

This is more than cornerstone marketing messages, it is a business playbook from the Soul of my business. I’m going to repeat this process annually.”

The reality is, whether you are in business or retired, an owner or an employee, a student, a work from home mom, a single dad…we ALL have a purpose for being here and a vision for what we want to create and experience, across a life 360º.

Way too often WORK can start pulling us off course.

It can pull us out of alignment from the big picture purpose we came here for, and it can pull us out of alignment with our Soul’s purpose.  I know, we don’t talk much about the ‘soul’ these days…but I think the Age of Aquarius is going to change that.

So, I’m sharing pieces of what I’ve been working on, to help people reconnect with that most soulful part of themselves, inside business and beyond.

So, let’s check in with how these themes might be surfacing for you.

– Do you know what’s worth committing to and fighting for in your life (Venus & Mars)?

– Do you have a dream that you are sharing with the world (Neptune’s influence in our chart), and does it feel like you are making effective progress?

– Do you know how to cast a VISION beyond your struggles and challenges as prepare to use those experiences as the catalyst for creating deeper meaning in the world?

Struggle can be beneficial. Challenges can be instrumental. And it’s also really easy to find ourselves starting to believe that the ‘struggle is real’; so much so that, it begins to define and colour every area of our life.

As usual, I can only say this, because I’ve lived this.

It took me a decade to ‘let it be lighter’ and to find ways to use what I have struggled with and the infinite number of challenges I’ve encountered, as catalysts to focus on the future and creating more meaning & purpose in alignment with MY Soul Style.

I’m finding my way…are you finding yours?

Watch the case story I built around Mary Kay Ash (founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics) to see how she (unconsciously) found her way to live in alignment with her Soul Story by the Numbers and ask yourself, what kind of progress could you make if you were conscious of your unique style?!

New Moon (July 17) – Gate 62 – Preparation

All year long I’ve been encouraging you, my clients and myself to PREPARE — to use this ‘yin’ energy year of 2023 to get ready. I’ve been beating this drum of, reflecting, consolidating and stabilizing for a reason, because the energy is going to start to shift into expansion.

It’s a distinctly ‘yang’ energy coming forward in 2024, which means it’s more active, outward-facing and that’s going to require us to be prepared, to have ourselves rested and ready to go in order to meet the opportunities and not burn out!

I sense that the shift is already starting and will continue as we move through this New Moon and into the final two quarters of the year.