If you haven’t discovered this yet, business (and life) is mostly a whole lot of f–king around to find out what works.

(WATCH • The f–k around/find out principle)

If you’re not messing around to really uncover what works for you, you’re probably feeling like things aren’t lining up.  Things are probably ‘working’ on the surface but at a deeper level, it’s feeling awkward and uncomfortable, disconnected, frustrating… 

For me, it wasn’t until I decided to start searching for my way that those deeper intuitive hits resolved themselves. Today, I’m always tinkering with something; for example, I have been messing around with delivering the Soul & Business Highlights in a video form. 

I gave that experiment six months, checked in with a handful of people to see what they were preferring and concluded that these highlights are more effective in a written form.


Let’s get into the March highlights!

You’ve heard March described with the phrase, ‘in like a lion and out like a lamb’.  That is definitely the sense I got as I considered the March highlights.  There is bigger ‘Catalyst’ energy, lion-like energy at the front of March that gets softer, quieter, more gentle as we move toward the end of the month.


March 2024 • By the Numbers!

If you missed last month’s podcast “Choice Points”, I’ll recap here that we are in an “8” year in Numerology (2+0+2+4), which brings a very yang energy; which means, outward, action-oriented, expansive. 

This month in particular, we might feel swept along with the pace of rapid change and finding our way will become more and more important. We can ‘go with the crowd’ for a while but, after the consolidation and stabilization themes from 2023 (a 7-Year) our Soul is going to continue to press us to ensure that the path we’re on (individually and collectively) is the right one for us; sure it might be getting steeper, and feel like we’re rising toward our next peak, which makes sense as we approach the end of a nine year cycle (2025) that started in 2016.

But, this year can also feel like things are ‘cresting’, ‘swelling’, ‘peaking’;  like things are coming to a head in various aspects of our work, life or society and we’re going to get beautiful opportunities to CHOOSE, based on what is more in alignment with our Soul Style.

I see a LOT of stuff on social media pointing to the 8-Year and its connection to abundance, which inspired the podcast for this month, bringing some perspective to ‘abundance’ and our Vital Energy and it created the natural shift in my communication from Vital Energy into VALUE (one of the five vibrational centers that shape Soul & Business). 


March 2024 • By the Stars!

The lion energy and the lamb (you’ll see more in the Venus Vibe below) really starts to change in around March 10th and the Pisces New Moon. I think of Pisces as the Divine Mystic archetype — it’s intuitive, receptive, spiritual, emotional and it’s where we might really connect with our ‘psychic’ capabilities (yes, everyone has access to them).

In Gene Keys, the message associated with this New Moon is “Grace Under Pressure”. How perfect!  Climbing the mountain, feeling the path getting steeper and rising toward the next peak creates pressure…can you be gracious with yourself?

The Full Moon on March 25 is in the sign of Libra and I LOVE this for everything else emerging this month.  In my world, Libra is the Divine Diplomat.  Libra energy brings balance (grace under pressure), peacekeeping and mediating between extreme ends of any spectrum, Libra invites us back to middle ground it’s all about finding equilibrium…the main takeaway from this month’s podcast.


March 2024 • By Design!

BACKSTORY • This year I chose ONE planet and its associated Human Design themes, that planet is Venus.  Why Venus? Because VENUS governs (in general terms) two areas of our astrological chart where we find our values (& our Value), our self-worth and our money story…plus, it also governs the area of relationships governed by legal agreements (in business think, client/customers, partnerships, collaborations, joint ventures, employees/contractors…).   

Obviously, these two areas have a profound impact on our business. The Venus Vibe gives you a theme to ANCHOR into each month and use it to guide your planning (vision/strategy), your prospecting (sales/marketing), your product/service delivery (customer service & operations) or pershaps your internal operations/teams.

Venus Vibe – March 2024 (Dates / Themes / HD Gate)

Mar 3 – Catalyst / Principles (Gate 49)
Mar 7 – Passion / Desire (Gate 30)
Mar 12 – Faith / Spirit (Gate 55)
Mar 17 – Peace / Friendship (Gate 37)
Mar 21 – Curiosity / Doubt (Gate 63)
Mar 26 – Surrender / Grace (Gate 22)
Mar 30 – Exploration / Crisis (Gate 36)

UNPACK Gate 49 • The Catalyst (open access until March 15, 2024)

(All-Access Pass • Trish’s Soul & Business Collection)

Looking at Venus’s movement, you can perhaps see now what I noticed and mentioned at the top of this post,

In like a lion, out like a lamb.  From March 3 to March 11, the themes feel transformative and potentially disruptive. But, with a PURPOSE!

March 12, Venus moves into themes of Faith, Peace, Curiosity and Surrender…the energy shifts to get INTUITIVE. Get RECEPTIVE. The Purpose…connect with our inner oracle and find out what insights the Divine Mystic has to share as we leave Pisces season!

I sense that the Catalyst and Passion energy at the beginning of the month will bring soul-aligned action for associated to something we’ve been ‘attuning’ to over the last several weeks; find opportunities to realign to ACT more sustainability, which is all reinforced in the podcast Abundance & Vital Energy.

I know it’s not an easy thing to grapple with the complexity of all that’s going on in our world right now, and to consider that only a fraction of it, is tangible to our five senses. It’s actually what I’ve come to love the most about the modalities I work with they…


GROUND the “woo” stuff and allow us to find wisdom

they enable us to take the abstract and make it applicable.


Yes, it’s about business and it’s about everything beyond — life 360º, health, relationships, meaning and purpose — and, in the Age of Aquarius it starts with our SOUL FIRST. 

On March 22nd, we move into Aries Season and the highest vibration of Aries is a healthy, vibrant expression of our most authentic self, reflected through our Core Value 💖💖💖.

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