Honestly, if I could do these Soul Stories all day, every day … I would.  I love working on them because they leave me humbled beyond measure and deeply grateful for the otherwise agonizing 10-year journey, the million rabbit holes and red pills that led me to these magical, mystical insights.

They are one of the most interesting things I get to do in my day…just behind the work that actually pays the bills, which is integrating these same directional insights for the clients who are focused on transforming a business that works, into a soul-aligned business that they LOVE!  I know, it seems extraordinarily unconventional to integrate numerology, astrology and human design with business, but as I’ve shared before (and will share again)…






It’s unconventional for the business community and it was unconventional for me, until I came to understand some of the meaning woven into my birth charts…for example, Uranus (UR-AWW-NESS) leads a Stellium in my astrological natal chart, in the sign of Libra, in my 2nd House.

Uhhhhh, ok. LOL!

Uranus (the planet that energizes change, disruption, challenging the status quo, and pressing the boundaries of human potential)…

…LEADS me to want to create my core contribution in a deeply balanced and diplomatic way (Libra) presenting alternative approaches, insights, tools and practices that create true and lasting value inside our business & beyond and to connect and communicate that core value with the market. (2nd house).

Now, there’s a whole lot more to story around that Stellium, but suffice it to say, it plays a pivotal role in the VALUE I bring to the marketplace. And, it was missing from my Marketing and Messaging for a long time because I was taught (like you) to stick with the tried and true, the conventional and socially acceptable.



It took me many, many moons to sort through the layers of bullshit and, find my way to weave the four or five modalities I use now, in with frameworks, tools and practices that create (what I believe is) the perfect blend of STRATEGIC and SOULFUL.  But those same modalities for a long time (at least 1,000 years) have been deemed untouchable.

We have been taught or told that, at best that they are reserved for the non-business parts of our life and at worst, that they are dangerous, evil or ‘occult’.

That last bit is true. Practices like numerology, astrology and human design ARE occult – if we allow the correct definition, ‘hidden, secret, and beyond what the intellect can initially grasp’.

There is very little doubt in my mind after the last decade of exploring this stuff, that they ARE powerful…which means, that they can be dangerous in the hands of people who don’t come with the highest intention.

But, in the hands of those who aim to serve the highest vibration possible – creativity, expansion and collective contribution – these same modalities can provide a depth of understanding that I believe we need, to harness the hidden truths in our human design, astrology, numerology, gene keys and akashic records.

Not more of the ‘fake it till you make it’, ‘put lipstick on a pig’ and ‘polish the outside’ kind of stuff…A REAL connection with our REAL unique, mystical, powerful Soul Style to operate from a place of REAL personal sovereignty.

So, with that little bit of context and background I invite you to consider what’s possible, as you step into the Soul Story of Mary Kay Ash…by the Numbers.








I actually backed into Numerology, much like you would after realizing you took a wrong turn, and the only way out was back.

I found it after Human Design and Astrology and after I started to work with the Akashic Records. I found it LONG after I finished my degree studies in Psychology, exited my first solo business as a Yoga Therapist and after I burned time, energy and money trying to find the real meaning and purpose of my life and work through my midlife shift.

I was never really ‘into’ numbers, at least, not like my sister the accountant might be drawn to them. But, here’s why I started (and keep) working with this modality.

It offered SIMPLE INSIGHTS that I could test and experiment with to determine for myself if there was any truth within this mystical, hidden framework(s).

SIMPLE was my endgame at the time (May 2020) and I had a little time on my hands after the whack-a-doodles and wingnuts tried to shut the world down…so I stepped into a simple learning opportunity and found Numerology.


INSIGHT was also my endgame, which I found in my numbers. The whispers I’d been receiving through Divine Downloads for the previous eight years matched the insights shaped by my Core Number, Birth Chart, Arrows and Personal Pyramid, in very SIMPLE terms.


Today, I use Numerology in business like a gateway.

It’s a beautiful starting point for curious souls to ‘be the scientist’ and TEST the directional insights encoded in their birth data. It sets an initial foundation for people who are exploring how to take the magical, mystical truths of their Soul Style and reshape a business that works into a business that they LOVE…a business that reflects the core insights of the Infinite Game.


Here are three ways I have personally integrated the directional insights from my Numbers:

  • I changed my name from Tricia to Trish based on how it would balance the subtle energy in my birth chart.
  • I work from my 9-Year Energy Cycle and my individual Soul Energy Year, every year as I plan my business goals.
  • The Core Numbers from Numerology helped me create a ‘Core Client Profile’ to identify in about 30-minutes whether a prospective client and I are on a similar ‘wavelength’. It helps me quickly evaluate where they are in their journey and how open they are to getting curious, exploring and leaning into the unconventional elements I work with.


Recapture the Soul of Business with Trish Murray. Align your Vision, Voice, Village, Vital Energy and your Value to connect, communicate and create more inside your business & beyond.



Take it Further

— Get started with your personalized ‘Soul Drivers Guide’. This pathway includes four core pieces of your Soul Style to shine a light on what moves you at a Soul Level!

— See the integration between Soul & Business in a Discovery Package. Connect your personal Soul Style with one of the five core vibrational centers.

Soul & Business Immersion

The Soul & Business Immersion is for indepedent, solo entrepreneurs who have yet to break through one key milestone — $100,000/year! 

In this 9-week immersive experience, Trish strategically supports your structural alignment across all five vibrational centers and shines a light on greater soul-alignment using Human Design, Numerology and the Success Codex. 

With a sufficient level of strategy and soul you find a solid foundation that delivers much-needed stability and a launch pad to amplify more!

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