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Trish Murray offers simple steps to shape a life 360º around the insights encoded into your birth data!

Radical Honesty: Finding your way into this ‘new age’ starts with aligning your unique Soul Style™ to create more inside your business & experience more beyond!

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Find what moves you!


Explore key soul drivers woven into your Soul Style™! 

One of the keys to thriving in this ‘new age’ is shifting from external drivers like competition, conflict and scarcity, to embrace our unique soul drivers from numerology, astrology and human design.

Tap into what moves you with personalized insights, a 15-minute highlight reel from Trish and your own individual Soul Driver Guidebook (pdf).

Explore your Soul-Style™ with a singel, 60-minute mashup to integrate key insights into your business & beyond with Trish Murray.

Integrate the ancient with the individual!

Explore your Soul Style through the ancient knowledge for individual insight.

In the Age of Aquarius, blending the old with the new, will lead the way!

Get curious with a single, 60-minute Soul Style Mashup to connect with directional insights from your numerology, astrology and human design.

Trish walks you through a personal exploration to key takeaways in this soul to soul, one-to-one discussion.

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Realign with a Discovery Package

What do you need right now to expand and integrate soul and business?

Each Discovery Package is tailored to answer this question, specifically for you, with directional insights from your Soul Style (numerology, astrology and human design).

Choose from one of five of the most common discovery pathways or connect with Trish to design a custom package with your soul-designed blueprint to answer five key questions: WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHY and HOW so the only one for you to ask is when?

• Explore a more complete picture of your Soul Style™

• Clarify the magic possible in the mid-life shift

• Connect with CEO Soul Vision

• Lean into the Heart of Marketing

• Re-envision your Soul Purpose after healing from loss or trauma

Rediscover your Soul-Style and integrate it into your business & beyond, one-to-one discovery packages with Trish Murray.</p>
<p>Find soul-aligned solutions inside your Numerology, Astrology and/or Human Design.</p>
<p>Expand your creative capacity with your Akashic Records.