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Every good lie has a kernel of truth, as the saying goes. The lie is the pretense that any one person has the last word or the full revelation of TRUTH. We have to tune in, to hear ‘our truth’ as it whispers the echos of timeless Truths.


FUN FACT: When I was first introduced to Human Design in 2017, I didn’t bite.

I did an initial round of research to find out what it was, how it worked and who the creator was behind it.

What I found was something that looked to be so incredibly complicated that the relevance and significance would likely be lost on everyday people seeking insight.

The How? How it worked had a ‘sheen’ to it, much like what you might find at a magic show. If Astrology and Numerology felt like hocus-pocus to most of my clients Human Design was going to leave them feeling like ‘all that glitters, is not gold’.

WHO I found was Ra Uru Hu (originally, Robert Allan Krackower) and my initial pass on this individual, was a non-starter. I’ll spare you the details except to say that he was a ‘career marketer’ out of Toronto (before he stepped into HIS awakening journey) and for me at the time, that was all I needed.

The wall came down and I walked away from Human Design.

So how did I move beyond the wall of cynicism and this incredibly jaded period of my life to allow Human Design to become a foundational component of professional practice?


By listening to the WHISPERS of my soul.


— It was a whisper from MY soul that propelled me out of the marketing industry in order to find the ‘field’.

— It was a whisper that moved me to seek out my ‘unwavering truth’ which is reflected in my Voice (my cornerstone themes) and connect to my core Value.

— It was a whisper that initially brought me to Astrology, Numerology and the Akashic Records and it was several whispers that nudged me to consider the intersection between the ‘woo’ and business as vital wisdom we need to thrive in the Age of Aquarius.

— It was also a series of whispers that led me (back) to discover the real potential of Human Design — beyond the ‘show’, the ‘illusion’, and the glittery pieces that have now shaped the industry of Human Design (which, btw came from Ra/Robert and his unrelenting marketing mind).

I moved beyond the cynicism and the jaded outlook and I MOVE beyond the walls of fear, anxiety, despair, futility and uncertainty we’re all experiencing these days, by shifting one degree at a time.

One whisper at a time.




Anita Adams, Whisper of the Soul

It was a whisper that led me to see the illusion of competition, conflict and scarcity and refocus on expansion through soul-aligned collaborations, communities and co-creation.

This month I am honouring and celebrating my beautiful friend Anita Adams and the release of her book, Whispers of the Soul. If you’ve ever written a book (or co-authored a book) you know why I feel this is something to be praised! The process takes you into your heart and soul; it reveals so much about the core of who we are and that takes COURAGE!

I did want to provide a little context for why I felt this mutually meaningful collaboration with Anita and her book would bring Value to my community, like pieces of her story that spoke to my Soul,




“I do want to close my business. The realization settles: I’ve been lying to myself. My passion for this business has been slowly eroding, but I’ve been denying that, pushing those feelings away because this business is how I define who I am. It gives me a sense of purpose, status, recognition and a paycheque!” – A.A.


Anita has this wonderful way of storytelling that feels like she’s speaking directly to your soul. Her personal anecdotes are relatable, and her insights are like little lightbulb moments that make everything click.

I’ve been lucky enough to snag an early copy, and I’m truly impressed. It’s not your typical self-help book—it’s like having a heart-to-heart with a good friend who also happens to be a spiritual mentor. Whether you’re just starting your journey or you’re a seasoned seeker, there’s something in here for everyone.


So, maybe it’s not ‘closing’. Maybe it’s a call to step back, maybe it’s a call to shift your Value, maybe it’s a call to evolve your work/contribution.

And MAYBE, it’s not about the business at all! As you read Anita’s words you might feel a TRUTH land in some other domain of your life.

But, if you resonated with any of the pieces in this month’s post you are going to love Whispers of the Soul and be guided by a TRUTH that Anita and I both learned, your Soul knows and…

…our Soul speaks in whispers.

— Trish



HER BOOK • Whispers of the Soul

HER PODCAST • The Joyful Journey (Apple)




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