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“You can only connect the dots looking backward.” ~Steve Jobs


How true this is.  I think Steve’s insight above implies that we have been given the unique ability as ‘spiritual beings having the human experience’ to look backward and connect the dots, in order to make different choices going forward.

This fundamental principle has guided my work and my life since 2015; looking at and learning from history (my own and the collective’s) in order to find my way forward into a greater degree of alignment and harmony with my Soul’s plan.


I’m connecting the dots in another Soul Story, that of Steve Jobs, to share the pure possibility and potential (and power) of harmonizing our business and life with insights that come from within. Each and every time I work on one of these I am absolutely humbled by what I find!

I definitely had ideas about who Steve Jobs was based on what I’d read or seen about him in the media.

The messages transmitted through Apple’s marketing shaped that further.

But, through this four part series, I got to see Steve in a whole new light, one that led me to a new level of compassion and grace for his soul’s journey and his human experience.

I saw the SOUL behind man.

The soul beyond the public figure.

The soul beyond the rumours and ideas others had about him.

The soul beyond the deals, the money and the fame.

This is a snapshot of Steve Jobs at a SOUL level.


STEVE JOBS • Part 1 – His Core Driver

Series Intro • 0-5min
About Steve • 5-8min
Plot / Core Driver • 8-15 min\


It became clear to me that Steve hit a few, well-placed home runs in terms of achieving his soul’s endgame (or end-aim) and I also sense that, given the chance, his soul definitely would have choose a couple of significant ‘do-overs’.  I hope you see what I saw through these four primary soul drivers — four pieces of his unique Soul Style from his human design, astrology and numerology.


Part 2 • Steve’s Purpose Driver, 14 min

Part 3 • Steve’s Energy Driver, 14 min

Part 4 • Steve’s Soul Driver, 14 min

I’ve spent more than my fair share of time, energy and money straining to see into the future, finding great irony in the fact that it was only as I learned to settle my mind and unpack my Soul’s agenda that foresight seemed to start to come naturally; intuitively. It’s no coincidence that I’m posting this on Winter Solstice, it is a recognition that through many (many) dark nights of the soul search, it was by going within that I found the lightness of my soul.

The more I brought myself within — through soulful practices like meditation, learning to engage with my own Akashic Records and the strategic insights from my human design, astrology and numerology — the more I understood the statement, “from dark to light”.

The Soul continues to create ways to bring our ‘game plan’ forward and to fulfill our ultimate ‘endgame’.

The SOUL finds its way to fulfill some, most or all of its ‘game plan’ to the degree to which we become conscious and aware…and every time I do one of these stories, it leaves me in quiet awe of what is possible when the unconscious is made conscious.

I’m making my way through Steve’s Soul & Business Codex, sharing the intel and insights from his soul style data that shaped and influenced what we saw on the the surface, and pointing to where I believe some gaps existed between his soul’s ‘game-plan’ and how Steve moved through his life.



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