tricia murray

As founder and Director of Light on Marketing, Tricia Murray knows all about the journey. She took the long way around, battling everything that is wrong with Marketing today, logging more than 16,000 hours mashing up Marketing, Psychology and more to realign what is essential, simple and light.

What’s gone wrong? Complicated systems designed for big brands. Unnecessary ‘mystery’ around what’s working and what’s not. Lack of discipline and an abundance of bullshit. Plus, a top-down hierarchical culture that implies ‘you know nothing and we know everything’.

What’s still right? Powerful principles, a pretty simple process and an ever-evolving practice that keeps owners in the driver’s seat. Marketing is about continually re-balancing the meaning and mutual benefit, the diversity with dynamic exchange to keep it accountable to contributing to the creation of more.

Tricia couldn’t be more passionate about Marketing adding up to more!

That’s what we want for you.


Shine a light.

Connect 1:1 with Light on Marketing’s Director Tricia Murray, to explore what Marketing’s been doing for you lately…and what it

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