As I continue the work of evaluating what pieces of my content (video, podcasts and posts) will come with me from a now defunct platform to my website, I have the privilege of revisiting the many stops I made along my ‘Eat Pray Love’ journey; and, rediscovering the timeless truths that the Divine/Spirit/God has shared me with.


You will see more and more of it layered in as the process continues, for now I’m prioritizing the pieces that best serve where my community and I are right now.

It’s a MAMMOTH project, and it was timely for me to review this collaboratively inspired piece, because it has ‘aged well’. So well in fact, that it gave me a boost of energy to remember why this mammoth project is important to me and my people.

I’m assessing what is going to come with me for the next leg of my journey and in doing so, create a sense of unity between my content and my cornerstone themes.


In 2015, I formalized my study and practice of Yoga, by getting my initial 200 hour teacher training and then doubling down on another 500 hours specializing in yoga therapy.

Now, it would be a good question to ask, how is it that a Soul & Business Consultant invested so much time in a (seemingly) unrelated field?


The answer is reflected in a recent email I received from my friend Irina.


“Yoga happens beyond the mat, all day, every day.”


What I learned in my Yoga years was so far beyond simply how to facilitate a physical practice of ‘asanas’ (postures).

It reached to the SOUL of our reality and showed me (again) that there is no separation. It’s the YIN and the YANG.

The word ‘yoga’ says it all … translated from Sanskrit to the closest English word, it means, ‘union’ and I find myself consistently reaching beyond the conventional business philosophy and practices in order to allow for the union of my soul and business.


So, what is the ‘yoga’ of business?

Yes, it’s the union of our body, mind and soul.

And, it’s the union of our unique expression of the Divine within our human experience.

It’s also the union of our business goals and our client’s goals.

The union of what we want to create AND what we want them to experience.

It’s the integration of a strategic and soulful approach to being in our business.

It’s the union of the individual pieces of our business (operations, marketing, technology, finance, etc.) AND the whole big picture that comprises a life well-lived in 360º…which I refer to as our CEO Soul Vision.

It is the union of our unique Soul Style within our Vision, our Value, our Voice and our Village.




Yoga happens beyond the mat, all day, every day.

Our Soul expresses itself on this planet through body, mind and breath. The Divine Presence flows freely through you, your consciousness expands in every direction, and you find yourself in a new and wonderful world.

As in Yoga, the focus in life should be on gaining total harmony, inner and outer. Feeling more at home in your body. This harmonious flow has more of a feeling of contentment than a rush ever could.

Breathe. Stay at ease. Be inspired by a greater purpose. Break the boundaries. Transcend limitations.

The practice of Yoga coupled with concentration, leads to rejuvenation, rest and renewal. Cultivating regularity, enthusiasm and care in yoga and in life, will take you a long way. If you want to direct your life, you must take control of your consistent actions and do so with enthusiasm and care.

Same as with your Yoga practice.

Through your Yoga practice you become more aware of your body, your mind, your emotions and the outer world. Through this awareness you will find yourself overcoming impatience, slowing down, responding rather than reacting, and thoroughly enjoying your practice and your life.


Irina Morrison

Connect with Irina @ IrinaYoga

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