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Arguably for most entrepreneurs and CEOs there is one aspect of business that creates the most fear, if we define fear as false evidence appearing real.   Marketing.

I can say with confidence that it is staggering how much false evidence can be made to look real for business owners in marketing AND I also know what the industry of marketing does on a daily basis to trigger fear in consumer, like the FOMO (fear of missing out).



The fear of missing out…yeah that’s a marketing concoction. It’s not real. In the ‘woo’ sense, if it was meant for you, it will align for you.

And there can a pretty big gap between evidence and real, on the business side too.

What I mean by that is, pretty much every other function in our business is measurable, we can find real, specific ways to determine what’s working and what isn’t…but marketing??

In this cross-functional, purpose-driven podcast, I speak to both the business owner AND the consumer because on both fronts, when we doing anything from the basis of fear it is ALWAYS going to cost more of our Vital Energy be that, time, money, resources…

The Three Keys: 

  1. Fear is boring
  2. Creativity requires freedom
  3. Not every idea is for you


Our Soul knows that FEAR is an illusion, but when we are bombarded every single day by the marketing, the media and the messaging, it takes a strong, personal ‘soul’ practice inside our business and beyond, to consciously understand the illusion and to choose to believe what our SOUL wants us to believe; that we will create more and experience more when we step beyond the illusion of fear and live from our innate creativity!

Watch • Steve Jobs – Soul Driver’s Series


Explore key pathways designed for conscious entrepreneurs and soulful CEOs to step beyond the false evidence and find what’s really real through the integration of Soul & Business.

Recapture the Soul of Business with Trish Murray. Align your Vision, Voice, Village, Vital Energy and your Value to connect, communicate and create more inside your business & beyond.

Take it Further

—  New Listener? • Order your Soul Drivers Guide to connect with four components of your unique Soul Style and (re)shape a more soulful approach to business and marketing!

—  Work one-to-one with me, find out how you can weave more of your unique Soul Style into your business and reshape what works, into something that reflects creative living beyond fear.



Soul & Business Immersion

The Soul & Business Immersion is for indepedent, solo entrepreneurs who have yet to break through one key milestone — $100,000/year! 

In this 9-week immersive experience, Trish strategically supports your structural alignment across all five vibrational centers and shines a light on greater soul-alignment using Human Design, Numerology and the Success Codex. 

With a sufficient level of strategy and soul you find a solid foundation that delivers much-needed stability and a launch pad to amplify more!

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