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Full transparency, I didn’t find The Infinite Game to be an overly riveting read, it was interesting and insightful, but it wasn’t really a page turner.

What I DID find was three keys that shifted me from the ‘finite game’ mindset that is all to pervasive in business, into an infinite game and becoming an infinite player.



Simon Sinek (if you’re not familiar with him) is an anthropologist who realigned his field of study to become quite well known to business, especially the big multi-nationals.

I have only read this one book of his and I’ve been known to disagree with a few of his ‘Simon Says’…I don’t know him personally (obviously) but here are two things I appreciate about him: his mind and his insights, I find both of them compelling.


There are very few instances I’ve found of games – online or offline, that don’t have as their primary objective, finite characteristics which include,

– Winning or Losing.

– Moving from one level to the next, starting from scratch if you ‘lose’.

– Definitive, pre-set ENDPOINTS, or a finish line which determines who/when winning has happened and an overarching goal – overt or subtle – to dominate all other players and be declared the champion.


Finite Games are competitive by design.

They are riddled with tactics and values that ultimately foster conflict.

Woven into the finite game is a deeply rooted sense of scarcity…lack of something.

And these three qualities are so deeply infused into business today that it is almost impossible to consider that the GAME is really more about creativity, contribution and collaboration.

The Three Keys:

  1. Play to Keep Playing
  2. Play for the Love of the Game
  3. Let it Be Light

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