The Values-Shift is underway!

Are you positioned to leverage the opportunities emerging from the Values-Shift?

Join Trish for this comprehensive series to understand the intel surrounding consumer behaviour after the 2008 mortgage meltdown in the U.S. and learn from the movement and choices of ‘Spend Shifters’ and ‘Fast-Followers’ and how their shift changed the marketplace!


• February 5 – April 25, 2025 •

— Connect with eight (8) short, video vignettes that breakdown the big picture from what changed and how we can learn from 2008.

— Lean into Trish’s unique perspective on where the post-2020 Value-Shift is leading us.

— Connect the dots to create self-directed shifts that (re)position your core Value to the market!

Take the big picture into your personal practice!

• April 3-24, 2025 •

— Upgrade to join four (4) group sessions that unite strategy, structure and soul-alignment and (re)align your Core Value with the shifting market:

• APRIL 3, 2025 • Sufficient Structure: Your Core Value & Their Use-Value

• APRIL 10, 2025 • Simple Strategy: Understanding Your Role through Human Design

• APRIL 17, 2025 • Simple Strategy: The Value of Visual Identity & Branding with Christie Wengrenowski

• APRIL 24, 2025 • Soul Alignment: Your Rising/Ascendent Sign & First Impressions


*This full series is available from February 5-April 25, 2025 and is governed by Trish’s simple Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Registered participants retain full access to all content, replays and resources.