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I’m closing out this year with an energetic and a literal shift!  In Welcome to the Age of Aquarius, I share some of the research I’ve done over the last five years about this shift and, it’s REALLY important to know that the Age of Aquarius is just a label.

I sincerely believe we all need to break away from worn out narratives and themes (inside marketing and beyond) in order to begin aligning ourselves with a vision that reflects more of who we are at Soul level, and to step in the direction the Divine is inviting us (individually and collectively).


it’s just a label and we should be used to those. We have been seeing more and more of them for a while, and the ‘Age of Aquarius’ has helped me make sense of the unprecedented number of ways that are shaping where the world is shifting right now, and even moreso, what I can do to create a sense of stability as we evolve.

There are a million other possible labels you might apply (3D to 5D; the Ascension; It’s Biblical, 1,000 years of peace, The Great Shift, The Galactic Age) to understand your age-changing ideas…pick one; they all pretty much point in the same direction if you ask me.

The world is shifting. That is inevitable and honestly, it’s this shift that is creating both expansion and anxiety, for everyone. The shift is personal and individual and it’s going to impact the collective — a very ‘Aquarian’ theme.

In other words, it’s the people who will bring in this ‘new age’.  Individuals shifting the collective.


Remember the game, trivial pursuit and how some of the cards were an “ALL PLAY”?

That’s us right now.

We all have a specific role to play, a purpose that our soul’s came here with and it’s the purpose and the role that will enable this ‘new age’ to unfold.

This podcast kicks off a series of conversations that unpack the insights I’m gathering and bridge the gaps to what it means to recapturing the SOUL of business and even more important, taking a business that has been working and reshaping it into something that we love (more).

No matter what your personal perspective is on what’s happening in our world right now, I believe that we are at the very beginning of something new.

Something different. Something we haven’t seen on this planet for a very, very long time. And, SOME part of our Soul knows it.


Some part of our Soul knows that what we are witnessing, consciously or unconsciously, is one of the most significant points in the story of humanity. So, tune in now and stay tuned for more posts on the Soul of Business, in this Aquarian Age!


Age of Aquarius Resources

For those who want to dive down a few of the rabbit holes I’ve explored start here…

The Age of Aquarius: The Next Chapter

Saturn in Aquarius: A New Renaissance

The Fall of Tech Empires & Stock Exchange Shakeups


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